Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quotation Sandwich

Claim: John was curious about the god lives. He was also yearning for more knowledge about them. He wanted to know how they lived before his present society. He can not wait for the time of manhood when he will be able to go to his father and ask to leave for his journey.

Quote: " Nevertheless, my knowledge and my lack of knowledge burned within me- I wished ot know more. When I was a man at last, I came ot my father and said, It is time for me to go on my journey. Give me your leave.

Commentary: John was interested in how the gods lived their lives. He wanted to learn things about them that he could not learn in books. He realized that his people were very different from the gods in the past. At the time that John became a man, he asked his father to give him permission to leave for a journey to the Place of the gods. The purpose of this journey was to bring back new information to his people about the gods and how they lived.

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